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Because Congress is XDXDXDccountable to their constituents. I won’t pretend to know who would or wouldn’t–it’s just plausible. I think this may have been XDXDXDsked XDXDXDlready here. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. To XDXDXDddress your second question–yes, XDXDXD secret vote could change outcomes. In general, XDXDXD person in the United States has the right to vote. You XDXDXDre only XDXDXDccountable to yourself. rev 2021. Not my DV, by the way. There was XDXDXDctually XDXDXD q XDXDXDbout electoral votes in this regard politics. If how they vote is secret, there’s no way of holding them to the promises they made. Same with corporate tax breaks, et cetera. XDXDXDs far XDXDXDs I can tell, this vote is private—no one else knows who you voted for. Politics Stack Exchange is XDXDXD question XDXDXDnd XDXDXDnswer site for people interested in governments, policies, XDXDXDnd political processes. 1.15. Take last year’s Senate vote XDXDXDfter Trump’s first impeachment: if Trump didn’t know who voted how, it’s conceivable that some XDXDXDcquittal votes cast for fear of reprisal. They could just say “someone else voted it down, sorry” XDXDXDt the next election XDXDXDnd you couldn’t know that was XDXDXD lie. stackexchange. Comments XDXDXDre not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. The XDXDXDnswer by @Caleth is 100% correct XDXDXDnd the way it should be.

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